Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Product Find - Wean Cubes

Wean Green introduces the first ever GLASS baby cubes - or 'wean cubes' to be more accurate. These cubes are intended for storing pureed food for babies or, any food for baby and kids that you want to freeze, heat, or just pop into your diaper bag. Best of all - they are glass! No BPA, no toxins - it's the safest possible material to store your child's food in!

Babybot has had the extreme luck to be able to touch, feel and test these cubes out first hand and here is what we found:

1. HIGH QUALITY GLASS. No imperfections, no air bubbles - just pristine, perfect tempered glass. We don't recommend that you freeze them and immediately put the frozen cubes into the microwave to heat up, but we did just to see if it would hold up. It did! No explosions, no cracked glass. This is a good thing because even though you and I would never do this in real life - you know someone will....

2. BEAUTIFUL COLOURS & PACKAGING. We couldn't leak photos of the packaging in this post but we've seen it and it is beautiful, well designed and smart. These cubes will be extremely giftable for this reason.

3. CONVENIENT & FLEXIBLE. The lid locks REALLY lock and there is a silicone sealed lid so they are so easy to throw into a diaper bag without worrying about spills or leaks. The size is perfect - it's small and portable but still big enough to hold a good sized portion of baby food or cheerios, gold fish, raisins, grapes, etc for older kids.

4. ECO-FRIENDLY. The glass and packaging is all 100% recyclable and sustainable.

5. AFFORDABLE. Wean Cubes come in 4 packs for $28.00 CAD. Choose from raspberry, blueberry, peas and carrots OR get a multipack with one of each colour.

6. These products are the perfect partner for Beaba's Babycook steam & puree appliance.

Babybot will be getting the very first wean cubes available for Canada at the end of May. There are very limited quantities available in May - more are coming later in the summer. To pre-order your wean cubes - hit us up at

For more information on Wean Cubes, check out:

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