Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Product Find - Mimijumi

It looks like one, it feels like one, it contains the same good stuff as one - only it's not attached to mom! Yup, Mimijumi nipples look, feel, and act just like a boob! It is a brand new bottle that truly mimics the breast feeding experience!

Worried about nipple confusion? Got a baby that has no interest in anything but the breast? Mimijumi may just be the answer! The texture, shape, and positioning of the mimijumi nipples are the closest thing to breast that we've come across. Mimijumi even offers alternate skin coloured nipples. They aren't available in Canada yet but we can't wait for the dark skin coloured nipples!

And, BONUS! Both the bottle itself and it's packaging are beautifully designed! The 8 oz 'very hungry' bottle comes in a gorgeous little milk carton package. Check it out here:

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