Sunday, July 11, 2010

Green Gift Guide!







We weeded through our collection to pull out some of our favourite green/organic items that make awesome gifts. Best of all - we've got stuff in all prices ranges. So shop our guide and do right by the planet!

1. Chan, Pie and Gnon by Vulli These mushroom inspired teething/squeek toys are made of natural rubber and food based paints.

2. Nuts & Bolts by Plan Toys Are made of sustainable and non-toxic wood and materials. These little guys are great for developing both imagination and motor skills.

3. Peppa's Sloppy Dolls Ok, just trust us on this one. These things are like stuffed bunnies but with no stuffing - they are totally flat. That may seem weird to you but babies go crazy for them - no lie! They clutch them, suck on their ears and heads and they won't part with them when they are older. They are also fair trade, non-toxic and made with sustainable materials.

1. Dancing Alligator by Plan Toys You can't go wrong with a wooden pull toy! Made of sustainable, non-toxic materials - it's great as decor in a newborn baby's room or as a fun toy for toddlers.

2. Wean Cubes by Wean Green Finally, GLASS baby cubes! These are perfect for storing your pureed food for baby. Single portion sizes, measuring lines, freezable and heatable. Easier on the environment AND no leeching toxins in baby's food.

3. Zoo Babies Onesies So beautifully illustrated and packaged - these onesies are a ready-made gift! They are made of ultra soft certified organic cotton and are fully fair trade and sweat shop free!

1. Bamboo swaddling wraps by Aden & Anais These blankets are the ultimate swaddlers - seriously, there is none better. Now in Bamboo!

2. Bowling Buddies by The Playful World We love this company because they think beyond 'green' and are committed to all aspects of sustainability. They are incredibly socially aware and they create these beautiful products using fair trade practices and providing jobs (with great work conditions) to people in under privileged communities.

3. First Toy Set by Babybot This set comes with 3 'green' toys designed for multiple stages of a child's development (newborn, toddler & kid!) It comes beautifully packaged in a sturdy, reusable box with a gift sleeve and tag. This is not live on our site yet but it IS available for purchase! You want it? E-mail us at!

UNDER $100
1. Receiving Blankets (set of 3) by Petunia Pickle Bottom These organic swadding/receiving blankets come in some of the most beautiful patterns we've seen. Organic doesn't have to be beige and boring!

2. Mini Poofs by Zid Zid Kids What the heck is a poof anyway? It's pretty much the coolest decor item ever. It's an ottoman, a cushion, a stool, a toy - anything goes! Made with recycled cotton and materials in a variety of quirky designs.

UNDER $200
1. Baby Carriers by Beco These organic cotton carriers are for newborns up to 45 lbs (that's like 3 or 4 years old!) It can do both front and back carry positions and it's got lumbar support so it doesn't hurt the back!

2. Diaper Bags by Rickshaw Bagworks These gorgeous diaper bags are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic beverage bottles and is reusable as a laptop bag when it's done the diaper duties. And, you cannot kill this bag. You can't, it's impossible. I think they may have even bomb tested this bag (and the bag won) but that can't be confirmed at this time.

UNDER $500
1. Coral Bird Crib Set by Super Natural Baby This sophisticated, modern crib bedding is made of 100% cotton and water based inks. And like all Super Natural Baby products - the life of the bumper is extended so it's reusable as a floor mat or bench cushion.

2. Hushamok Baby Hammock This elegant organic Hammock fits with the modern decor of any room in the house and it is so great for soothing and rocking baby to sleep. Not everyone has the budget for a $450 baby gift but that's where Gramma & Grampa come in!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian Made!

Inspired by Canada day - here is a mini-collection of some of our favourite products created by Canucks!

1. Monster Factory - these monsters are crowd pleasers when given as a shower gift or anytime really! Each monster has it's own quirky personality - sometimes they are highly OCD and some are ADOS (attention deficit 'ooh shiny'!)

2. Wean Green's Glass Baby Cubes are a world's first in glass baby food storage. No leaching toxins, single serving sizes, measuring lines, heatable & freezable!

3. Age Design's HiLo chair
- is a classic for Canada! We love this high chair as designers because of it's beauty, design and clean silhouette. We love this chair as parents because it's so darn easy to clean!

4. When Pigs Fly
- The dynamic writer/illustrator duo inspire each other with words or with imagery. Both books are beautifully illustrated, well written and kids love them!

5. Mally Leather Bibs - these bibs will save your life! No laundry, no food stains, just wipe and you're done!

6. Zoo Babies Organic Onesies - super soft, breathable cotton with beautifully illustrated designs by Vanja Kragulj.

7. Grumpy Bird Books - by Canada's own Jeremy Tankard. These books are great for kids AND babies. Newborns love the bold colour and pattern in these books - they are mesmerized by them.

It's a good day to buy Canadian eh?