Sunday, March 21, 2010


Easter is almost here and we've got an obscenely large collection of bunny gifts. We've also got some chicks, lambs (ok, sheep) and egg looking things too at all different price points in our Easter gift catalog.

We've said it before but it's worth mentioning again - better to give your child a little gift than a cavity this Easter!

Shop by bunny:
1. Manuella plush bunnies
2. Yum-yum onesie
3. Meadow bunny lunchpack
4. Big Rabbit's Bad Mood
5. Circular Bunnies mobile
6. Bonheur Rabbit insulated bottle holder
7. Grain de Ble flat bunny
8. Envirosax reusable lunch bag
9. Shinzi Katoh lunch box
10. Shinzi Katoh melamine cup
11. Duck! Rabbit! book
12. Esthex Pluen music box
13. Peppa sloppy dolls
14. Binth baby book
15. Shinzi Katoh Jiji & Peren tote bag

Friday, March 19, 2010


We love minimal, clean design (obviously) but, even better, we like it when it’s inexpensive! Stores like Ikea and H&M have been doing it for years and they are living proof that great design doesn’t have to be expensive.

In the land of baby products - there are a few brands that are embracing this concept. The european brand Hoppop (brand new to Canada) has a line of gorgeous potties, tubs and step stools that are clean, simple and affordable.

Boon - a veteran brand in Canada - is an incredibly fresh and constantly innovative brand. They have made their mark in basic feeding and bath items that are minimal, beautiful and inexpensive.

Beautiful basics, affordable price - it’s guilt free shopping for style centric moms!


Belgium brings it with a beautiful line of felt applique clothing available for the first time in North America! Meet Bog, Pouf, Moo, Oi and Pli - some of the crazy creatures of Plush’s dream world. From tee’s to hoody’s to stuffed toys - Plush will style your kid up like no other!

And - coming in the next few months! Babybot is coming out with a line of custom gift sets. We’ve got 16 custom gift sets at various price points - this one is ‘little plush color explosion’. This gift set comes with 3 Plush clothing items plus a custom gift box & wrapping - this is a gift with cache!

Get your very own plush clothing item now at!


The consumers cried out and Bugaboo listened! Bugaboo has lowered their prices on Cameleon, Frog and Bee! Last year, Bugaboo inexplicably increased their prices and consumers cried foul!

Thankfully - Bugaboo listened and lowered their prices again. It is the cadillac of strollers, clean, beautiful, durable and incredibly well made. And starting now, they are a bit more affordable!

- Bugaboo Cameleon is now $1149 (was $1280)
- Bugaboo Frog is now $899 (was $985)
- Bugaboo Bee is now $649 (was $689)

New pricing in effect now and all stroller ship for free at Babybot.


Valentine’s day is almost here and Babybot’s got some great gift ideas as a nice alternative to chocolate or candy.

We always thought that a classic little ‘be mine’ card and a hug says it all but we were out of the loop! Apparently, there are some crazy, maverick, free spirits out there who actually give their child a real gift for Valentine’s Day. Who knew?

So, for our Valentine’s Day gift guide - Babybot presents ‘the ten best couples’ of our collection.

Where to get 'em:
1. Stick + Box
2. Daphne + Deloris
3. Nigel + Anastasia
4. Elephant + Bird
5. Blue + Pink Monkeys
6. Red + White Cars
7. Dogosaurus + Rusty
8. Robot + Build-a-Bot
9. Splat + Russell
10. Louise + Lou Snails
11. Green + Purple Tadpoles