Friday, August 26, 2011

Blik + Babybot: Part 3!

Our collaboration with Blik to create Babybot decals is almost complete! We've chosen 4 decal concepts and after some trial and error, we've nailed down scale and colour palette for each one. If all goes well (meaning if Babybot doesn't have a ton of high maintenance changes & picky comments for Blik) decals will be available in October!


Blik sent us these drawings (with bicycles, furniture items or human figures) so we could get a sense of the scale for each decal. The challenge was to get them big enough on the wall while trying to keep each decal to only 1 or 2 sheets of stickers per concept. More sheets = more expensive. More expensive = bad.

Dangly Carrot will be available in 3 colour options, white bunnies, tan bunnies and pink bunnies. (Not all colours in one decal). Check it: this decal fits on one page! One page = less expensive!

This is one example of what you can do with your brand new, never been seen before 'Dangly Carrot' decal in white.

This is one example of what you can do with your very own 'Dangly Carrot' decal in pink.


This decal went through a few scale changes (this thing could take up 3-4 sticker sheets if we let it!) but we finally got it to a great size using only 1 1/2 sheets. It can be made into anything you want - you can use all the parts or just a few - you're the boss.

This decal is available in only one very colourful option. The 1/2 sheet of trees is included so you can have more flexibility to create scenes. The 'trees' sheet is shared with the 'Babybot Land' decal in order to keep costs reasonable!

The best thing about this decal is it lets YOU be the creator. You can create anything with this decal including this totem pole which was the brain child of Scott (Blik) and Felix (Babybot).

This re-stik decal is hours of fun for you or your child. No seriously. I just created this fish decal with only about half the stickers! You can change it up any time you want to create something new.


Like 'Build-A-Bot' this decal went through a few scale changes. We ended up at a great size while still keeping all the design components and flexibility in tact!

This multi-colour decal is only available in one colour option. With the 1/2 sheet of trees shared with the 'Build-A-Bot' decal, the price will stay reasonable! Use this decal in one room or multiple rooms. There are so many scenes you can create with just a few characters, you can fill up several walls with just one decal!


Doodle is one of the fan faves and probably one of the coolest concepts in the collection. This decal is a great scale and it works in a kid's room, a nursery or a living space!

Doodle will be available in 3 colour options (black, tan, aruba) and it comes with an optional Beaverbot but you don't have to use him if you don't want to. (He'll be offended at first, but he'll soon get over it.)

Here's what the aruba 'Doodle' option looks like on a wall. It can work anywhere - even if you want a formal, modern space to look more inviting.

Here's a wall test with the Dangly Carrot decal in tan. Scale is nice - you could do a lot with it and the bunnies can be moved anywhere to create the scene of your dreams. There are enough bunnies in one decal to use some on another wall or in another room.

Here's a wall test with part of Build-a-Bot. Again, thumbs up on the scale of the pieces - not too big, not too small. With this decal, you can use a part of the decal to spice up a small space or play area. It's re-stik too so create a fish scene one day and change it up to make a mutant monster scene the next day.

Like what you see? Wanna win the Babybot decal of your choice? Tell us what you think! Post a comment on our blog (you can post a comment on ANY of the 3 Blik + Babybot posts to qualify) and one random commenter will win the Blik + Babybot decal of their dreams! Winner announced Friday, September 9th on Facebook!