Saturday, October 6, 2012

Babybot + Blik: Babybot in Dinoland!

Babybot + Blik have teamed up again to create a new series of Babybot decals!  It's a series of 3 decals featuring the adventures of Babybot in Dinoland.  Dinosaurs are all the rage and it's nearly impossible to find dino decals. It's even more rare to find a modern take on dinosaurs. Check out the collection below and find your fave. 

Babybot in Dinoland 1: "Strange New World."  Babybot's spaceship lands on a strange planet full of odd dino creatures, bizarre vegetation and live volcanos!

Babybot in Dinoland 2: "Crash of the Cyclops Twins." Tod + Javier (the Cyclops Twins) crash their spaceship in the middle of Dinoland with even more dino creatures.  Dino decals 1 and 2 can be bought together to create one big Babybot in Dinoland scene for your wall. Each decal will be around $45.

"Strange New World" features hatching eggs, odd tentacle plants and exploding volcanos.

"Crash of the Cyclops Twins" features Tod + Javier, a cast of ultra cool dinobots and living waterfall mountains.



Babybot in Dinoland 3: "Babybot VS Godzilla"  Godzilla and his pterodactyl's battle it out with Babybot in this epic battle that takes place in Dino City. We have 2 versions in progress. 

Version 1 features Babybot with Raygun Bird as his weapon. Raygun bird only shoots peas which might just be crazy enough to work since Godzilla hates peas, he avoids them at all costs. He's more of a carrot guy.

Version 2 features Babybot and his spacebots going up against fire breathing Godzilla and his pterodactyl army. Which version do you prefer? Opinions welcome!

Babybot in Dinoland series will be available at Babybot and Blik late October or early November! Wanna win one? Follow on