Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blik + Babybot!

Oh yes, it's true. Blik and Babybot are teaming up to create wall decals featuring the lovable Babybot brand characters! We've been brewing this for awhile now and it's high time we let you guys have a sneak peak inside the Babybot lab to see what we are working on!

Blik is the biggest name in wall decals - there is just no other brand that comes close. They've got decals that feature incredible designs by Threadless, Charles & Ray Eames, A Modern Eden, Hybrid-home, Nintendo, Wee Gallery and now, Babybot. We are stoked to be included in Blik's roster of awesome!

Here are some sketches that Felix Wong (creator of Babybot's brand characters) has been working on with the Babybot & Blik design teams!

'Dangly Carrot' tells a fun story and could be a flexible decal in multiple colours that parents can really get creative with!

'Scared Inkless' features the cyclops twins sharing 3d glasses which allows them to see 3D and with 2 eyes. We thought about a horror film concept with this one and really, what's more horrifying for a little squid than a squid-eating whale?

We tried a version where the whale is cropped off, as if it's popping out of a movie screen at the cyclops twins. Poor cyclops squid is so scared, he inks himself!

If a whale doesn't work, what about dino-bot? He could be done in a cool 3d effect and really, who doesn't love dinosaurs?

So much potential. Such an epic fail. We presented this idea to Blik early on but because they actually know what they are doing, they informed us that Oggie's tongue stringing everything together and being so long would not actually work when trying to construct a decal. Cool design though - we'll save it for something else!

Doodle could be cool. If we can do the doodles very beautifully and have it be flexible enough for parents to create the doodle across multiple walls, a bit of floor, one wall, whatever...we might have a win here!

Something every parent can identify with...this is what happens when you leave a toddler unattended for 30 seconds and armed with a marker.

Another great idea, another horrific decal failure. This concept showcases a typical baby/toddler in a bath - everything gets drenched! As a decal - no go! Our hearts hurt when Blik reminded us that a decal can't be all in one piece as this one would have to be. Again, great concept - we'll use it for something else!

Limbo!!! This was an alternate concept to Tug O' War where Oggie's tongue becomes the limbo bar and all the bots are lining up to limbo.

Poor Dino-bot, he's playing against creatures that are invertebrates, are ultra short, or are creatures that can slither, fly, or ooze under that treacherous limbo bar!

This one could be rad. It's a decal version of Mr. Potato Head (Mr. Potato Bot to be more accurate!). You can mix and match bot bodies, faces and accessories to create your own scene.

DIY Bots! You can change it up and create new bots whenever you want because it could be done as a re-stik decal.

We will be posting the chosen decal concepts, the colour versions, the entire process from start to finish and... there might be a cool contest in there somewhere too. Stay tuned on our blog and facebook to get all the deets!


  1. Love the doodle one (I have a wall and a couch that have seen the business end of a sharpie!) and the 3d cyclops glasses one with the whale (or dinosaur) - I want!

  2. Love it!
    Want it!

    Can't wait to get me some "Bot" decals.

    (dangling carrot should be called Albuquerque in homage to bugs bunny)

  3. Fantastic! Please put me down for preorders;) I would like, doodle, splash and tug o start. I think the scared inkless will look good in my office too!

    Thanks for the awesomeness Babybot! Love.

  4. Brilliant! So impressed!


  5. Lovely sketches! The doodle one is my favorite.

  6. Can't wait to add one of these beautiful Babybot decals to my daughter's nursery!

  7. "Can I borrow your face?" >> Haha. Cute. Nice showing these sketches. Some sort of before and after. Well, they turned out great. Love the clean but quirky tandem of Blik + Babybot.