Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hot for Christmas!

What's hot this Christmas? You might be surprised! Some of our hot sellers are no brainers, some you'll understand when we explain it, and others are just weird. Check out our list and if you're last minute shopping - this is where it's at!

Music toys! Every parent dreads them, yet somehow they are the hottest sellers every Christmas! Plan Toys xylophone is one of the best music toys combining beauty, eco-friendliness AND a reasonable price tag!

The Sevi Instrument Set combines all the noise makers into one perfect little gift! This is eco-friendly, Italian design at it's finest! This little bad boy has been on wait list for Canada for over a year but it's back and selling fast!

Trunki ride-on suitcases are hot for Christmas, birthdays and summer travel. It's a ride-on toy, a suitcase AND a pull along toy! (Available in red, orange, blue, pink, purple and green!)

We are not big fans of taking a clean design and cluttering it up with unnecessary extras. In the case of Trunki, Melissa & Doug added an optional accessory that makes Trunki more customizable in a way that kid's love! Trunki face stickers or travel stickers are the perfect way to pimp out your Trunki.

Hug + Hide developmental toys by Skip Hop! It all started with an Owl that was a hot seller last Christmas so Skip Hop added 4 more animals to the hug + hide zoo along some smaller stroller toy versions too!

DwellStudio has been a leader in modern bedding and decor for years so they decided to try their hand at modern toys. They have created a beautifully designed collection of wooden toys, blocks, push toys, stamp sets, puzzles, the works! Each one is a hot seller and almost sold out for the year.

Wean Green's glass baby cubes and their new glass storage containers are popular anytime of the year but for Christmas? Really?

Yup, really. And here's why. This Christmas, Wean Green released a gift guide complete with creative gift ideas using their glass containers. Fill them with coffee beans, tea, truffles, spices, olives, bath salts, even a diamond ring! It's a great way to present a gift with no waste, in a container they will use again and again!

Tegu's magnetic blocks let your child create structures and scenes they can't possibly do with regular blocks. These blocks defy gravity, the colours are modern and they are made from sustainable woods using sustainable practices. We've got small sets, medium sets and large sets in several colours!

Tegu has smaller pocket pouches and travel totes for the larger block sets.

Vers ipod stereos are the perfect ipod stereo for the modern nursery! Ideal for soothing lullabies for baby and beautifully styled to fit any decor. For Christmas, it's not just not just baby but Daddy who's getting this amazing gadget under the tree!!

Mod Mom's gorgeous hand-crafted toy boxes are hot this Christmas, especially the striking 'Bertie' box. We love these toy boxes because they can fit in with the decor of any room in your house - not just the play room!

Potties for Christmas? Huh? We don't understand it either but Hoppop's Donut Potty is all the rage right now. Nothing says love like a potty under the tree...right?

Not surprising, gift cards are a great 'go to' gift! Our gift cards are electronic and they get e-mailed the day you buy them (no shipping, no waiting!) This is December 24th shopping at it's finest!

There's still a few days to shop and we can ship it fast (and free in Canada!) Get one of our best sellers for the baby, toddler or child on your list!

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