Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian Made!

Inspired by Canada day - here is a mini-collection of some of our favourite products created by Canucks!

1. Monster Factory - these monsters are crowd pleasers when given as a shower gift or anytime really! Each monster has it's own quirky personality - sometimes they are highly OCD and some are ADOS (attention deficit 'ooh shiny'!)

2. Wean Green's Glass Baby Cubes are a world's first in glass baby food storage. No leaching toxins, single serving sizes, measuring lines, heatable & freezable!

3. Age Design's HiLo chair
- is a classic for Canada! We love this high chair as designers because of it's beauty, design and clean silhouette. We love this chair as parents because it's so darn easy to clean!

4. When Pigs Fly
- The dynamic writer/illustrator duo inspire each other with words or with imagery. Both books are beautifully illustrated, well written and kids love them!

5. Mally Leather Bibs - these bibs will save your life! No laundry, no food stains, just wipe and you're done!

6. Zoo Babies Organic Onesies - super soft, breathable cotton with beautifully illustrated designs by Vanja Kragulj.

7. Grumpy Bird Books - by Canada's own Jeremy Tankard. These books are great for kids AND babies. Newborns love the bold colour and pattern in these books - they are mesmerized by them.

It's a good day to buy Canadian eh?

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