Friday, March 19, 2010


Valentine’s day is almost here and Babybot’s got some great gift ideas as a nice alternative to chocolate or candy.

We always thought that a classic little ‘be mine’ card and a hug says it all but we were out of the loop! Apparently, there are some crazy, maverick, free spirits out there who actually give their child a real gift for Valentine’s Day. Who knew?

So, for our Valentine’s Day gift guide - Babybot presents ‘the ten best couples’ of our collection.

Where to get 'em:
1. Stick + Box
2. Daphne + Deloris
3. Nigel + Anastasia
4. Elephant + Bird
5. Blue + Pink Monkeys
6. Red + White Cars
7. Dogosaurus + Rusty
8. Robot + Build-a-Bot
9. Splat + Russell
10. Louise + Lou Snails
11. Green + Purple Tadpoles

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